THE BEST JEWEL IS HAVING AN DREAM.  Peroni & Parise is one with the history, the vision and the persistence of its two owners, Lorenzo and Roberto. Artisan and commercial skills which met happily the value of those who are active side by side with them: much more than co-workers, precious synthesis of the best qualities typical of the jeweller’s art in Vicenza. Sharing, creativity, intuition, taste and manual touch – expecially in the incomparable excellence of the stone setting – to bring to life jewels which are timeless, unique also for the scrupulous care and attention to details and for the precision in their making.
Bigger than yesterday, yet, the prolific workshop of two exquisite artisans and their team. Peroni & Parise is an established reality nowadays, which not only creates valued and distinctive collections, but which excels in the creation una tanum of important and unique jewels too, offering also its knowledge in the mastery of working gold and stones to other jewelleries and goldsmiths.

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